How to Survive and Thrive in a Recession

By Teneshia LaFaye

Teen mom and Raines High School graduate suffered through two recessions and a depression, but learned from those experiences to improve her mental health and learn how to thrive financially in any economy.
Her new ebook “How to Survive and Thrive in a Recession” has only been out four days and is currently Amazon’s No. 1 New Release for 15-Minute Business and Money Short Reads, and its No. 4 on Amazon’s Top 100 Best Sellers List for 15-Min Business and Money Short Reads. The paperback comes out in 2 weeks and offers worksheets for readers to slash their budget and increase their cash flow and save for emergencies.

The book is a quick 15-minute read to immediately offer hope and help to those who are now unemployed or who feel hopeless. “I can relate from my past struggles with mental health and finances, and I have strategies that will help them survive and thrive in their finances. I’m also a financial advisor and offer weekly financial literacy webinars,” said Lafaye.

From her best selling book – Here are some ways to cut down expenses:

  • Don’t order so much take-out. Cook and eat leftovers. Get free groceries from your local food pantries.
  • Eliminate your cable bill if you still have one and use Netflix or Hulu.
  • Stop taking baths. Take brief showers.
  • Turn off lights in the daytime and unplug chargers and appliances when they aren’t in use.
  • Reduce the coverage on your car insurance and shop around for the best new rate.
  • Reduce your cell phone bill by switching to a pre-paid plan with one of the many discount carriers.
  • Contact your state’s social services department to apply for food stamps, a free government phone and a $10 monthly internet plan.
  • Limit trips to the hair and nail salon and find a friend who can offer these services or do them yourself.
  • Of course, cut out shopping until you stabilize your income and have surplus to save.
  • Reduce your credit card and loan monthly payments to the minimum.

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