Hillsborough Democrats Launch Seniors For Biden-Harris With Voter Outreach Event in Tampa

Tampa – Hillsborough County Democrats, State Representatives Dianne Hart and Susan Valdés, and South Shore Democratic Club President Fran Bodman held a phone banking, postcard writing, and voter engagement event to kickoff Seniors for Biden-Harris in Florida—a national organizing coalition to mobilize key communities around what’s at stake for American seniors in the 2024 election.

The speakers highlighted the contrast between the Biden-Harris administration’s work to protect American seniors — including reducing the cost of prescription drugs, capping the price of insulin at $35 for seniors and strengthening Social Security and Medicare — with Donald Trump’s plans to raise costs for seniors.
Trump recently said he’d cut Social Security and Medicare, floated cutting retirement benefits, would repeal President Biden’s caps on the price of prescription drugs, and wants to terminate the ACA, which would raise costs for countless Florida seniors. In Florida, over 4 million seniors rely on Medicare and Social Security for their health and financial security. Following Trump’s lead, state-level Republican initiatives have sought to weaken health care coverage and promote junk insurance plans, further endangering the wellbeing of Floridians.

“With Joe Biden, Florida seniors are seen, heard, and protected,” remarked Tampa area State Representative Dianne Hart. “Donald Trump is a threat to the lives
Florida seniors have worked so hard to create. In Trump’s America, corporations win while seniors and their families lose. We can’t have that. “Trump’s plans for America would leave millions of seniors with fewer benefits and higher barriers to the care they need. We can’t let that happen,” said Tampa area State Representative Susan Valdés. “The launch of Seniors for Biden shows that President Biden has our backs and is committed to fighting for us.  A vote for Joe Biden is a vote to protect our state, our country, and our seniors.”

“Donald Trump has made it his mission to attack benefits for senior citizens. He’s relentlessly tried to dismantle protections for our retirement savings” stated Fran
Bodman, President of the South Shore Democratic Club. “In stark contrast, President Biden and Vice President Harris have taken on special interests to protect
your retirement savings and crack down on absurd bank fees. We have to vote like our lives depend on it, because they do.”
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