Girls Empowerment Day Spotlights Real life Decisions and Consequences

Shown are registered girls enjoying a networking empowering lunch.
The fact that one in nine girls under the age of 18  experience sexual abuse or assault at the hands of an adult resulting in 82% of all victims being female, organization around the country are prepared to empower a new generation. These statistics are the catalyst creatin programs to empower and nurture our local young women.
To help battle theses statistics, more than three hundred girls attended the Northside Community Involvement‘s 12th Annual Girls Empowerment Conference on Saturday, October 5th. This dynamic and energetic program is geared for girls 9 – 18 years of age.
The girls were empowered to create connections, build self-esteem, and take the world head-on with confidence and conviction. The day kicked off with Jazzercise and a motivating presentation by Nicole Thomas, President of Baptist South. The “Real Life, Real Consequences,” breakout topics was one of the workshops experienced by the girls to engage their real life experiences with the consequences that can occur when making bad decisions.
Each girl received a tote bag full of natural hair care products and a demonstration of how to use them properly by a natural hair stylist, Pamela Williams. The day ended with a panel of entrepreneurial teens sharing their experience, and a mega door prize give-away.  Shown are registered girls enjoying a networking empowering lunch.

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