Girl Power Strengthen Girls of the Urban Core Through Yoga, Meditation and Prayer

Girls ages 7-17 participated in a prayer, meditation and yoga workshop organized by GirlPower1440 this past Saturday. The young ladies enjoyed a session in beginner’s yoga and also learned about prayer and meditation.

Since 2016, local non-profit GirlPower1440 has focused on instilling the values of self-esteem into young black females ages in Northeast Florida. The principles of the organization are based on self-esteem through a variety of enriching experiences and education of the greatness that is within them.

Using the number 1440 as a theme, the number represents how many minutes there are in a day. The girls are taught to use their 1,440 daily minute’s wisely and utilize their power by the way they utilize their daily time. Girls who join the GirlPower1440 team receive a T-shirt, book bag and Girl Power journal. The core principles of the organization are based on self, knowledge of self and self esteem.

Throughout the year, activities are held including girls field trips, volunteer opportunities and summer retreat sleepovers. Earlier this year, the girls worked on their vision boards, goal setting and natural hair care options. GirlPower1440 meets every first Saturday and Tuesday (first and third) of the month on Jacksonville’s Westside at 5115-1 Normandy Bld.   Shown are the girls pictured with Yoga Influencer Carla Mechele.

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