FUNdraising Good Times: How to Multiply Your Nonprofit Donation

While the summer weather may be heating us up, there is a way for those of us who are donors to “heat up” giving at our favorite nonprofits. Its not that complicated, but it can have positive repercussions. It’s a three step process you can implement whether you are pool-side, tied to your desk, or driving across the country.


Here’s a question that keeps next to nobody up at night: “How many of my favorite people give to my favorite nonprofit?” Here’s another related and unasked question: “Does my favorite nonprofit have a big enough pool of donors to ensure they can continue operating?” While very few people worry about these things, these keep nonprofit staff and board members up at night. You can take a few small actions and make a big difference.


Make a list of five names of individuals, organizations, families, businesses, foundations, or granting agencies who you believe would have an interest in your favorite nonprofit. For each name, include current contact information (phone, email, mailing address….) and a reason why you believe they would have an interest. Share this list with your favorite nonprofit. It is that simple!!! Now, you can make it more complex, but at the very least you can make a list and send it to the person you know within the nonprofit. Or call/email and ask who to email it to! Believe us, you will surprise the person who receives your request.


Extra credit. To make an even bigger impact, try one – or all – of the following. Send an email or a text message to the people on your list, sharing the nonprofit’s homepage or a link to a special page. Include a short message such as “I’m supporting this orgnaization – I hope you will too.” Or call your friend or business associate, letting them know you hope they will join you in making a gift to your favorite nonprofit. Here’s yet another way: many organizations include a link on their giving page so that you can share your giving with others via Facebook or Twitter. Make a gift and click that link to start spreading the word. Even better, volunteer to make a joint call with a staff person to talk with those who could join you in supporting your favorite nonprofit. It could take some time, but not a lot.


Here’s a little-known fact. Nonprofits are always looking for the names of people who share an interest in their work. Many – especially grassroots organizations – may not have the connections or the social media reach to communicate their value. You efforts are a personal touch that makes the difference. You may know people who could give $25 one time, or $25 a month. You may know someone who could do 10 times that amount. One thing we know for sure is this: when you carry the word about organizations you believe in you leverage the power of your giving. You already believe – take a moment this summer to encourage someone else to do the same.


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