FUNdraising Good Times: Every day is Mothers’ Day

We hope you were well celebrated for Mothers’ Day and that you enjoyed celebrating the mothers in your life! We get one day to officially sing the praises of those who mother us and our families. But we believe there are 365 days to celebrate the mothering role that women (and men) play in the nonprofit sector. Not only are mothers served by nonprofits across our country and around the globe, but they also lead these organizations. Many times they are the ones who birth them as well, pushing them into this world with force and determination.

Here’s to the moms who are the backbone of the nonprofit sector. They are visible and invisible, in leadership roles, supporting roles, and everything in between. Look around and see who is volunteering at your religious organization, feeding the hungry, working the homeless shelters, campaigning for politicians, donating their legal and medical skills, and more. Notice the mothers working high-powered jobs in the nonprofit sector as college presidents, CEOs of research institutions, and lead legal counsel for life-changing and policy-changing lawsuits. Take note of the mothers doing the hard work of nursing assistants in healthcare facilities, bathing those who cannot bathe themselves. Notice those mopping floors in schools and hospitals, serving food in cafeterias, crunching numbers in accounting offices, all the other invisible work that makes the nonprofit sector hum.

So let’s say thank you. And show we mean it! Here are some suggestions for year-long celebrations of the mothers of the nonprofit sector. The first one is obvious. Identify an organization that reflects your mother’s values – or those of a mom in your life. Make a financial contribution in their honor and make sure the organization sends her a note of acknowledgement. You can post on social media about how you are honoring the mothers in your life and ask others to join you by making a similar financial gift. Here’s another suggestion: volunteer for an organization in honor of your mom, or the mothers in your family and community. When you do this, you are honoring their legacy and memory and paying it forward. We can never make up for the history of contributions made by mothers over the decades and centuries. But we can continue their legacy by making just a little bit of time to make a difference.

We can also take time to care for those among us who are mothering their children and may need a helping hand. We can do that directly by offering to pick up groceries or take a child to the doctor when they are working. We can do that indirectly by giving to a foodbank or clinic. Finally, it’s never too late to sit and talk with your mother about her priorities and how you can be a part of her legacy. Let her know you want to volunteer with a nonprofit and that you want it to be one that reflects her values and beliefs. Sit and listen – you could be amazed by what you hear.

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