From Pain to Purpose: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

by Sonja Pinckney Rhodes  (Author) – From Pain to Purpose is a journey of how strong the power of God is even in our darkest moments. When we have not acquired the knowledge of what our purpose is and the why of the offenses, it becomes a mask of hiding destruction and chaos that occurs in our hearts, minds, and spirits resulting in insecurities. However, it gives the insatiable desire and will to fight through tears and disappointments. It describes the quietness and isolation that occurs while separated from all others and from the world that bridges the purpose to trusting God with the secret pains of our beings. It may take a lifetime to comprehend how high, how deep and how wide the power of God is that reigns in our lives. Nevertheless, He keeps us from falling and gives us hope to continue by trusting, leaning and growing in Him so that the purpose actually exceeds the pain. This book will reveal to you how the Holy Spirit will transform you from hurt and hopelessness to walking victoriously with God.

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