First Coast Becoming Independent Filmmakers Production Playing Field

Shown L-R table reading the movie’s script are “Emotional Burden,’ actors and producers Carlos Spencer, Marquita Wilson, M. Dizzle, Producer/Screenwriter Anita Osuisgwe-Spencer, Roy Beasley, Aaron Bing, Aniyah Thomas and Melissa Jones.
Shown at their onset location is “Rights of the Father,” production team: Michael Carter, Junior Ashwood and Tristan Sudlow.

By Lynn Jones | While filming in Green Cove Springs, movie producer Junior Ashwood is on a mission to share his films and stories to the world. With a diverse cast, Ashwood is currently producing his third film, entitled, “Rights of the Father.” The films synopsis details a separated couple that is faced with the choice of ‘plan a or plan b’ to keep their unborn child. Ashwood’s goal was to create a film for movie goers to take a minute and think from a male’s perspective how a couple has to decide on custody and fetus demise. Ashwood fell in love with the location while stationed as a sailor in the Navy. “Men have very little rights to unborn children in this country, just a fact, so where do the father’s rights begin? I want to turn the conversation around. It takes two,” said Ashwood. Premiering Spring of 2024 at the Ritz Theatre, Ashwood remarked that he and his mom would critique movies together and he’d one day make his own movies in the future.

In Springfield, screenwriter and New York Film Academy graduate Anita Spencer is filming the movie “Emotional Burden.”  The movie depicts a toxic family dealing with the emotional burden of a son’s misdeeds, a grieving mother and daughter accepting their son/brother’s fate and understanding that his toxic death can break family curses. Spencer is a third generation hair designer, stylist, entrepreneur author and vice-president of the Jax Melanin Market.  Both movies, ‘Rights of the Father,’ and ‘Emotional Burden,’  will be submitted to the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) and headed to Tubi, PrimeVideo for distribution.

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