Fans Turn Up and Out to Witness Defeating Georgia for Their 87th Match Up

Shown are revelers in their Florida/Georgia garb is Dana Dunn and Kedrix Murray (R. Liner Photo)

The Gators ripped into the Bulldogs 44 – 28 for a big win at the annual Florida/Georgia football game. The pre-game tailgate festivities along A. Philip Randolph Blvd were shared by both revelers and vendors from far away as Douglasville, Georgia despite the pandemic.  The Gators prevailed 44-28 in what’s commonly known as the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party.  A time-honored tradition since 1933, the 87th year of the Florida/Georgia game has become a showcase for one of the rivalries that make college football the number one sport. (Shown are revelers in their Florida/Georgia garb: Dana Dunn and Kedrix Murray. (R Liner Photo)

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