Fans Stunned By Nonsensical Take Offered Up By Randy Moss About Jacksonville, Urban Meyer

Randy Moss (Getty Images)

BY  – (Source: – 43-year-old NFL Hall of Famer Randy Moss is becoming quite the football pundit these days. Four-plus years into his run working for ESPN as an NFL analyst, the six-time Pro Bowler appears to really be learning the fine art of spewing terrible hot takes in order to draw attention to himself and his network.

For example… back in November, Moss caught heat for singling out a high school player on ESPN’s “C’mon, Man!” segment.

IRandy Moss Offers Up Nonsensical Take On Jacksonville Urban Meyern December, Moss claimed Jerry Rice is the third or fourth best wide receiver in the history of the NFL behind himself and Terrell Owens.

And now, in what’s becoming a monthly occurrence, Moss is back with yet another hot take that makes little to no sense whatsoever.

Speaking on ESPN’s NFL Postseason Countdown show on Sunday, Moss went off on a strange tangent about why he thinks new Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer will struggle transitioning to the NFL.

While some of what Moss said hit on the usual “college coach going to the NFL” talking points, it was when he delved into how he believes the city of Jacksonville handles social justice and crime that things went a wee bit off the rails.

“Social justice, being out in the community, Jacksonville Jaguars and the state of Florida, Duval County is not a good county to be in,” said Moss. “So I really think that Urban Meyer, and I’m talking about the violence, not just the people, and the crime in Duval County … so when I look at Urban Meyer coming to this team, he has a lot to be working with, and it’s not just the team. The Black Lives Matter, everything that’s going on in our country right now, with COVID, there’s a lot of concerns going on. I just wish him the best of luck.”

What any of that has to do with whether or not Meyer will be successful coaching the Jaguars is a bit of a mystery.

According to CBS News, the following NFL cities all ranked in the top 50 most dangerous in America based on violent crimes per 100,000 residents: Detroit ranked 1st, Baltimore 4th, Cleveland 6th, New Orleans 15th, Nashville 18th, Houston 19th, Buffalo 25th, Washington D.C. 27th, Chicago 31st, Minneapolis 33rd, Indianapolis 37th, and Cincinnati 39th.

Nowhere on that list was Jacksonville. And even if it did appear on the list, what does that have to do with Urban Meyer being a successful NFL head coach? The Ravens, Browns, Saints, Titans, Bills, Bears, and Colts all seemed to have pretty good years, making the playoffs despite all the crime happening around them.

Also, I’m pretty sure COVID and Black Lives Matter are also pretty prominent issues in the 31 other NFL cities as well.

Needless to say, fans on social media, especially those who live in the Jacksonville area, were also very confused by the odd take offered up by Moss.

See? I told you Moss was beginning to catch on.

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