Faith Leaders Inducted into Florida Georgia Hall of Fame

Shown with their award is Dr. Sherry Lowman and honoree/host Ron Godfrey.

By Dr. S. Powell | To commemorate the gifts and talents of individuals that inspire, uplift, and empower others, The Florida Georgia Gospel Hall of Fame held their third annual awards ceremony at the Prime Osborn Center.  Church congregation members, family and friends sat in the audience to applaud those individuals whose contributions often go unnoticed but whose impact reverberates far and wide, enriching the lives of those around them and strengthening the fabric of their communities.

Founded by Apostle Earl Thomas in 2021, the organization was created to focus on individuals who are not only talented in their craft but also deeply rooted in their faith and dedicated to serving others. Coordinator and organizer Dr. Shaun Powell remarked “we believe that true greatness lies in humility and service, and we are proud to honor those who embody these values wholeheartedly.”

Inductees are selected on their ministerial impact in the community, whether through music, ministry, outreach, volunteerism or acts of kindness, these individuals are champions that are using their gifts and talents to inspire, uplift, and empower others.  “I’ve been preaching since I was ten years old, creating youth ministries, community service work and I’m honored to receive this recognition,” said honoree Rev C.J. Frederick, II. The Florida/Georgia Hall of fame connections includes ministries north and south of the I-95 corridor.  The Florida Georgia Gospel Hall of Fame prides itself as an institution dedicated to recognizing and honoring the unsung heroes who exemplify a commitment to spreading the message of faith, hope, and love throughout their communities. “Through the award recognition and celebration, we seek to inspire others to follow in our footsteps, spreading light and love wherever they go and leaving a lasting legacy of faith, hope, and unity,”  said host Ron Godfrey.

This year’s honorees are  Lawrence Williams; Apostle Paulette E. Brown; Charlie Griffin; Reverend  Carl J. Frederick, II; Apostle Paulette Jones Olasoji; Deltria Lee; Dr. Clarice Johnson; Dr. Bishop Arthur Adams, Sr. and shown with their award is Dr. Sherry Lowman and honoree/host Ron Godfrey.

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