Entrepreneurship, Workshops and Tour Highlights Black Business Month Legacy

Shown are the business owners in the court room of Honorable Judge Peoples-Waters
By Dr. V. Dunbar – Black-owned businesses have long been a vital part of the economic fiber of the city of Jacksonville. To commemorate National Black Business Month, the Greater First Coast Chamber of Commerce, Innovation and Trade (First CCCIT) featured virtual and in-person grant readiness workshops to assist business owners in obtaining capital for their businesses; hosted Facebook Lives with legacy business members and hosted a business owner courthouse tour at the Duval County Courthouse.
Sitting in the Judge Seat is Naysa Warford, 11, waiting to ready her gaval. Naysa is the daughter of business owner and chamber member Dr. Bobbi Warford who owns Warford Insurance Enterprises. “I try to expose her to different careers especially where black women are in charge so that she can see someone doing it and know that it is possible for her to achieve.”

The tour was led by Honorable Judge Rhonda Peoples-Waters, the first black woman to be elected judge in Duval County. Judge Peoples-Waters made history when she was nominated for office and ran once before winning on her 18th attempt by an overwhelming majority when she took her campaign public in her recent election bid.  “I enjoyed the tour too, meeting business owners and learning about the courthouse and services we offer to the community,” said Judge Peoples-Waters.

The tour which included more than fifteen businesses is a component of the First CCCIT National Black Business Month series of promotions and interviews that showcased legacy businesses in the Moncrief and Durkeeville historic districts such as Holley’s Bar B-Q, established in 1937 and Skinners Florist on Myrtle Avenue which opened in 1946. “The chambers goal is to expose businesses to every aspect of business.  Courthouses play an integral role for potential lawsuits, bankruptcies and basic court docket issues,” said organizer Dr. V. Dunbar.

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