Diversity of Candidates Shows the GOP’s Growing Strength

Paris Dennard, Senior Communications Advisor for Black Media Affairs at the Republican National Committee (Photo: Provided by Paris Dennard)

(Source: www.caro.news) By The Carolinian –  RNC Spokesperson Paris Dennard  – The Republican Party made historic gains with minority communities in the 2016 and 2020 elections. Black, Asian, and especially Hispanic American voters compelled by the bold leadership of President Trump and our inclusive Republican message of opportunity and patriotism shifted towards the GOP. Today, the RNC, under the leadership of Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, remains committed to making the GOP a more diverse, big-tent party. And our diversity goes far beyond race. The unique backgrounds and experiences of Republicans running for office across the nation exemplify our party’s broadening coalition.

We need not look further than Virginia to see what I’m talking about. There, Republicans have nominated a compelling slate of candidates to build off our 2021 victories. Yesli Vega, our nominee in the 7th Congressional District, is the daughter of Salvadoran immigrants and a former deputy sheriff who won a resounding victory in her 2019 campaign for a seat on the Democrat-leaning Prince William County Board of Supervisors. Karina Lipsman, challenging a Democrat incumbent in the 8th District, came to America as a Ukrainian refugee when she was a small child. She put herself through college, then worked in the defense and intelligence industries for over a decade. Hung Cao, running for Congress in the 10th District, arrived in America as a Vietnamese refugee before serving in the Navy for more than 20 years. These incredible candidates are a testament to a growing reality of Republican politics: no matter who you are, you will find people who look like you in the GOP. And their unique backgrounds in law enforcement and national security will be immensely useful in the GOP’s efforts to make our streets safe and our nation strong.

But stories like these are not limited to Virginia.

Working moms fed up with Democrats’ war on women are leading the GOP charge to take back the Senate. Katie Britt served as CEO of the Business Council of Alabama, promoting pro-growth policies that create jobs and help small businesses thrive. Now, she’ll do the same as Alabama’s U.S. Senator. Tiffany Smiley, running for U.S. Senate in Washington, took on  VA bureaucrats when they failed to deliver an adequate standard of care for her husband, an Army soldier who was severely wounded and blinded by a suicide bomber in Iraq. She’ll bring that indefatigable fighting spirit to D.C., relentlessly advocating for the people of Washington.

In Texas, newly elected Congresswoman Mayra Flores won a historic victory earlier this month to become the first Mexican-born person in Congress. After legally immigrating to the U.S. a child, Rep. Flores became a respiratory care practitioner where she was on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. She won in a district which is 84% Hispanic, much of which had not been represented by a Republican since the Ulysses S. Grant administration. Her victory shows that Republican outreach to traditionally-Democrat communities is working. For decades, Democrats have counted on minority votes while failing to deliver results. Not anymore.

A trio of congressional candidates in the Upper Midwest will bring unique perspectives to the House of Representatives in a new Republican majority. Madison Gesiotto Gilbert, running in Ohio’s 13th District, is a 30-year-old attorney and small business owner. Jennifer-Ruth Green, seeking to represent Indiana’s 1st District, is a graduate of the Air Force Academy who served in the military for 12 years before founding a non-profit promoting STEM careers to at-risk youths. John James is a West Point graduate who served as a helicopter pilot in Iraq before taking over his family business in Detroit, MI. Sure, each of these candidates are racially diverse. But just as important is their diversity of experience. They know the struggles of hard-working business owners and combat veterans firsthand. They’ll take this knowledge to Congress as they push back against the reckless, far-left agenda of the Biden-Harris administration.

This November, we are poised to elect an incredibly diverse class of Republicans. Our party is growing, and there is no better proof than the tremendous group of candidates that Republicans have united behind. Whether you’re a mom or a dad, a city kid or a rural dweller, a business owner, a veteran, or a nurse, know one thing: Republicans have nominated candidates who understand your struggles and your desire to live the American Dream!

Our 2022 Republican nominees are ready to lead and pass conservative policies that put every American first and gets our country back on track.

Paris Dennard is the National Spokesperson and Director of Black Media Affairs for the Republican National Committee. Follow him on Twitter: @PARISDENNARD.

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