DCSB Superintendent Diana Greene to Force Hypersexual Agenda on All Duval County Students

Reginald Blount

By Reginald Blount (Political Analyst / Candidate for City Council)- Duval County School Board (DCSB) Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene intends to force the LGTBQ+ Support Guide on every student in the Duval County School System. One of the main narratives of the sexually charged guide says that “Parents and caregivers send their children to school with the expectation they will be free from harassment, bullying and discrimination. To that end, we have policies and procedures in place to protect our students from discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, or retaliation” stated Dr. Greene, However, the guide makes no mention of harassment or discrimination against students of faith such as Christians, Muslims, Catholics, and others who do not agree with the LGBTQ+ practices. Former City Council Candidate Reginald Blount stated that “If we are a community were acceptance and tolerance is the goal, then why do non-LGBTQ students, and others who have a different moral stance, are viewed as “Intolerant, and bigots.”

Dr. Greene signed off on the controversial guide that on the surface addresses concerns of safety, discrimination, inclusion, and harassment towards LGBTQ+, but the main objectives appear to be nothing more than potential policies to force all students to submit to the LGTBQ+ agenda.  The most disturbing part of the guide is that if students as young as 5 years old, who express an interest in wanting to be the opposite sex, says that teachers, administrators, or counselors must facilitate the child’s desire and are prohibited from informing parents.  One could assume based on the narratives in the guide, that parents are simply caretakers for food and shelter, and that local school officials have complete authority to shape the children to whatever they want within LGTBQ Doctrine. Some students have expressed they simply want to go to school to learn but are bombarded with a barrage of daily sexuality, with rainbow flags and same-sex language forced upon them throughout the schools.

The United States is falling woefully behind the rest of the world according to the Program for International Student Assessment, and former National Teacher of the Year, Keith Ballard.  The US ranks 24th in Reading, 28th in science, and 36th in Math, even though we spend more per student than all other countries. Our education system has become primarily focused on sexual engineering over academic and vocational achievement. The primary goal of the Department of Education and the DCSB should be to educate students and prepare them for further professional education and the vocational trade fields, not the over sexualization of our children.

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