Cynthia Collins Pens Book on Single Parenting, Abuse and Raising Two Disabled Children

Book Signing – Cynthia Collins is now an author! For over three years her stress level rose to the top and she was ready to blow.  Many obstacles, family members and skeptics wanted to halt the books progress. The book details her years growing up with abuse, her relationships and Cynthia’s struggles as a single mother raising three sons, two whom have cerebral palsy. Her son Rashad Solomon born in 1989 and Javone Solomon born in 1997 were born with cerebral palsy. Between the two sons, they have had over 23 operations to correct their deformities. Cynthia wrote “Crying Out and No One Ever Knew” as the beginning to her new awaking to live her life to the fullest.  Cynthia quipped, “This is my story, but I pray it touches the lives of many others who have suffered with years of pain and are seeking a way to live their lives in happiness again.”  Pictured is author Cynthia Collins and her sons, Rashad Solomon, Javone Solomon and Rashawn Collins.

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