City Council Members and State Representative Impact Northside with Covid-19 Food Distribution

Last week, a collaborative effort of City Councilmember’s Ju’Coby Pittman (District 8), Reggie Gaffney (District 7), Brenda Priestly Jackson (District10) , State Representative Kimberly Daniels (District 14) and Farm Share hosted a Free Food Drive Thru Give-Away that distributed to over 2599 cars, which benefited approximately 5000 individuals. The first come first served distribution began at the Shops of Sherwood, located at 5045 Soutel Drive, in Northwest Jacksonville. The allotted start time was 9 a.m., due to the overwhelming need, cars began lining up at 8 a.m. “The event was a huge success,” said Pittman. “The distribution of food made an immediate impact with the temporary closure of schools, businesses, restaurants and residents losing their jobs. In addition, to assisting to alleviate hunger during these uncertain times,” continued Pittman.

Together, City and State leaders are working to address the insecurities of food to assist families in need during the COVID-19 epidemic. Councilman Gaffney was quick to remark, “Bottom line, this is One City, One Jacksonville”.   Matthew Galen, Farm Share Director and his team’s goal was to feed the hungry, not just one meal but provide sustainable options for multiple meals. “We all need food, now more than ever and we are all in this together. This was the largest distribution we ever had” said Galen. Shown are councilpersons and volunteers distributing food to covid-19 drive through recipients.

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