Chef’s Hard Work Coming to Fruition with Celebrity Gigs

Shown backstage is Chef Phantom with comedian Mike Epps.

By Faye Simuel – The Mike Epps and Friends ‘In Real Life Comedy’ tour concert was in town this past weekend bringing the laughs with guest comedians, Sommore, DC Young Fly, Kountry Wayne and Mark Curry.  With social distancing practices in place the arena held two sold out shows with every other seat empty for patron’s safety. Back stage was Duval’s Chef Phantom handling the menu for the stars.

Each of the comedians had a special menu tailored to their diets: Mike Epps and Sommore were feted with blackened salmon, sautéed veggies, yams and collard greens. Vegan comedian Kounrty Wayne enjoyed a meal of fried tofu, soy noodles and teriyaki sautéed vegetables. Comedian Mark Curry requested an island menu of jerk chicken, rice and beans, roasted potatoes and collard greens.  DC Young Fly held up Florida roots with a countrified Crab Boil!  Chef Phantom proclaimed, “Cooking for the stars is a dream come true. I was in the right place at the right time,” said Phantom. Chef Phantom’s private catering business has been flourishing for more than 10 years. The national touring chef and certified culinary artist was voted 2020 Chef of the Year. Prepare yourself now to attend his next showcase at the Taste and Cocktails Ball scheduled for Saturday, May 1st at 6 p.m. For more info visit

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