Book Signing of Memoir Uplifts Readers with Poems of Mental Health Reflection

Gail Carter-Cade, author of ‘Uplifting The Pain of Behavioral and Learning Styles Through Poetry Now,’ invited guests for an engaging book signing inside Chamblin’s Uptown Book Store in downtown Jacksonville.

Fans and friends of the entrepreneur hairstylist, boutique owner and substitute teacher celebrated her success documenting her poetry collection, which was written to help readers understand the many components of a mental health crisis.  The book shows how behaviours and learning mannerisms may manifest themselves in our everyday lives.

The book has more than 100 easy to read poems that provide relatable, poetic imagery of real-life experiences that may invoke insightful conversation with “aha” moments at home, in a classroom, or in a workplace setting. 

“This resourceful poetry book was inspired by my personal experience of uplifting pain in my daughters and my family,” said Carter-Cade.  Some of the poem’s titles contained in the book include emotional poems like Silently I Plead, Slipping Away, My Secret, Why I Don’t Try, and so much more. Uplifting The Pain of Behavioral and Learning Styles Through Poetry Now is currently available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble book stores.  Shown is author Gail Carter-Cade with one of her mentors Felicia Elmore.

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