Black Men’s Town Hall Places Emphasis on the Field

hown L-R are Conference speakers A.J. Merriweather, James Harris, sponsor Barry Case and attendee Aubrey Smith.
Former National Football League (NFL) player and Jaguars personnel executive James ‘Shack’ Harris was the keynote speaker for the inaugural, “Something Has Gone Wrong in the Field,’ men’s summit.

“The field is where we lay our burdens down. Growing up and in my career, the football field is where we also play the game of life discussing issues that affect our brothers in Duval,” said Harris.

The two day/six session event was held inside the Temple Gym and Fitness center and inside the America Legion Post 197 Conference Hall and Event Center. The summit’s goal was to encourage black men to get back in the field to assist their brothers, family members and friends with health disparity information, wealth/retirement options and community engagement.

Headlining Friday’s session inside the gym was comedian and entrepreneur Terry Harris spewing jokes for the men to lighten up and have fun! “This was an empowering dialogue session; the gym atmosphere signified strength for the men to help them understand their health issues and that working out only takes a few minutes a day,’ said Mitchell Smith, Owner Temple Gym Fitness. Early Saturday morning, Pastor Isaac Burney opened the conference with words of wisdom for the men to create a bond of self-worth and commitment to the ‘each one-teach one’ mantra. Private practice doctors, Dr. Rogers Cain, Dr. Kenneth Jones and Dr. Fullwood (University of Florida/Mayo Clinic) took the reins for the health and wellness sessions to promote prostate care treatment, weight management, healthy eating resources and physical activity tips for men to conquer their weight lost and medical health challenges and fears. Attendees enjoyed light refreshments and a raffle with a chance to win a 55 inch TV.

Organized by local activist, Tony Hill, other sessions on the docket included: civic engagement, criminal justice, military and faith,

“I’m overwhelmed with the support of these men helping me in the field with this event. Men still have to be at the forefront of their health decisions with themselves and their families. Black men will always be on the front line fighting for their communities,” Hill. Shown L-R are Conference speakers A.J. Merriweather, James Harris, sponsor Barry Case and attendee Aubrey Smith.

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