Black Men Rule: Tiger wins the Masters, and Hamilton wins the Chinese Grand Prix on the same day

Tiger Woods

By Frederick H. Lowe


Tiger Woods won his fifth Masters on Sunday and a few hours earlier because of the difference in time zones, Lewis Hamilton, the world’s top Formula 1 Driver, won the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai.

Lewis Hamilton

To the gallery shout-chanting, “Tiger, Tiger , Tiger,’ Woods birdied a putt on the 18th hole at Augusta National before raising his arms in triumph to win the Masters for the first time since 2005. Woods overcame years of physical pain and tabloid-making personal problems that led many to believe that his best days were behind him. After Sunday’s win, it looks likes Tiger has come roaring back.

Hours earlier in Shanghai, Hamilton, the five-time World Driving Formula One Champion, won the second of three races of the 2019 Formula One season.

The Chinese Grand Prix also was the 1,000 the Formula One race.

Hamilton, a black Englishman, who drives for Mercedes AMG, won the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 30, but finished second in the Australian Grand Prix March 17 to Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas,

It was Hamilton’s sixth victory in the Chinese Grand Prix as he defeated  Bottas who finished second and Sebastian Vettel who finished third. Vettel drives for Ferrari.

Hamilton is the five-time F1 World Driving Champion.

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