Biden’s ‘You Ain’t Black’ Remark Was a Threat to Minority Voters

By Matt London | Fox News – Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce said that former Vice President Joe Biden’s controversial remarks to a prominent, African-American radio talk show host reflect a common intimidation tactic used by the left to control and manipulate American voters.

“The threat on the left, as articulated now by Joe Biden, is that if you don’t conform, if you don’t think the way they say you’re supposed to think, you will be disappeared, you will be removed from your tribe, you’ll be removed from your family,” said Bruce on her Fox Nation’s show “Get Tammy Bruce” on Thursday.

In an interview with “The Breakfast Club,” last week, host Charlamagne tha God told Biden, as they neared the end of the interview, that he had “more questions” for the former vice president before the 2020 election.

Biden responded by falsely claiming that the NAACP had endorsed him “every time I’ve run.” And then he suggested that black voters have no choice but to vote for him in November.

“I tell you, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” he said.

To Bruce, those remarks are reminiscent of something that she became keenly aware of when she was a left-wing activist.

“I’m particularly sensitive to this because when I was a kind of a young activist on the left and had become involved with the National Organization for Women, there were many different signs that things were not as they had been purported to be or as I had been told to believe,” she said.

Bruce recalled how feminist activist Gloria Steinem’s reacted to the candidacy of Kay Bailey Hutchison, who was running to become the first female senator in Texas state history in 1993.

“You’d think as a feminist, you’d want women across the board to succeed,” recalled Bruce, “But that, of course, wasn’t good enough for Gloria Steinem.”

“It wasn’t about elevating women in general and Kay Bailey Hutchison, of course, a Republican,” she continued. “Gloria Steinem referred to her as a ‘female impersonator,’ because Senator Hutchison did not believe in what the left believed in.”

Bruce observed that accusing a Republican woman of being a “female impersonator” is very similar to Biden’s “you ain’t black” remarks.

“Joe Biden revealed what has been the foundational approach and structure of the Democratic Party and the left,” said Bruce, “It’s not even a gaffe, it was just simply stating what is naturally known on the left and it was the core of identity politics.”

“What they then do is use that, manipulate that to make sure that unless you conform, vote the right way, think a certain way. You are not the person you think you are. In fact, they’ll strip away. It’s an existential threat — your very identity.”

“That is a signal to everyone else — that if you step out of line, you are going to be removed, you’re gonna be erased, you’re going to be thrown down the memory hole. You’re not going to belong.”

“Imagine leading a political party, and saying you’re going to lead a community or a nation or town, and the only way that you can get your own base… the only way that you can keep them in line is to use this kind of a threat. It’s frightening. It’s ugly. It’s disgusting,” she concluded.

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