Bethune – Cookman University: Students Protest School’s Refusal to Hire Reed; Living Conditions

Approximately 300 Bethune-Cookman University (B-CU) students gathered in front of White Hall – the site of the school’s administrative offices – to demand the resignation of the institution’s Board of Trustees, including Board Chairman Belvin Perry.

Shortly after noon on Monday, protesters gathered at the gravesite of university founder Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune as campus security watched warily. The group then marched about 100 feet to White Hall chanting, “Hey hey, ho ho, the Board of Trustees has got to go” and “Hail Wildcats! Hail Belvin? Hell, no!”

After they arrived in front of White Hall, B-CU students representing sports teams, the Student Government Association and various dormitories spoke at a rally, criticizing the university’s refusal to hire National Football Hall of Famer Ed Reed as head football coach.

They also blasted Perry and school trustees for allowing living conditions to deteriorate, calling attention to moldy and rat-infested dorm room, substandard athletic facilities, and poor cafeteria food, among other things.

original article appeared at link below @westsidegazette:

B-CU students protest school’s refusal to hire Reed; living conditions

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