Author Pens Second Book Detailing Love and Life’s Journey

By Lynn Jones

Willie “Bo” Walker has lived a full life, and he is proud of his many accomplishments during his 70 years of life.  As an author, he recently finished his second book titled, “Rapping with da Bo About Love and Life.”   The book is a collection of poetry from “Bo” and other poets.

A local 1965 graduate of Northwestern High School and a retiree of the United States Post Office, Walker’s leadership included active participation in the Boy Scouts, coaching soft ball and membership at One Church of Jax.  The author’s first book was, “The ‘Bo’ you Don’t Know.”  The book details his life experiences, Sunday school prayers, and the guidance and determination that have helped him walk the path of righteousness.

Married for 14 years to his wife Sandra, Walker says, “I have learned how to be satisfied and blessed for the years I have lived.”

According to Walker, his second book includes poetry and stories that highlight how love and relationships influence life.  He also notes that some of the poetry is dedicated to the women that he previously loved as he traveled the highway of life.

Walker also features poetry dealing with the touchy subject of mistreatment based on being dark skinned.  He also says that some women felt that he was too much of a nice guy, which had a negative affect on their relationship.

 Bo’s wife Sandra, wrote a forward in the book stating, “P.S. To all the girls who thought that they knew Bo and let him get away; I got that dark chocolate lover who whispers love notes in my ear daily,…. A man that loves me deeply. I only have eyes for him, too bad you didn’t see what a good thing you could have had.”

Walker says, one thing for sure – Bo knows love.

Shown pictured with his wife Sandra.


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