Author Pens Novel Tracing Steps Through the Eyes of a Child’s Hopes & Dream

Shown is the author with her proud Aunt Jadene King.

 “The Daughter of A Junkie: A True Love Story,’ written by Terrinee Gundy, is a first-hand account of a young girl who escapes the ghetto trappings of impoverished community and to dispel the stigmas associated with children of drug addicted parents.

Despite her father’s drug addiction to crack cocaine for over forty years, the author’s strident transparency recants all of the unpredictable dangers she finessed with a junkie for a daddy. As a memoir romanticizing the unparalleled moments of her family’s struggles, Terrinee is unapologetic about her family’s ghetto love story. Terrinee was relentless to defy the odds of a chaotic, dysfunctional environment flooded with drugs, poverty, racism, the police, and an ineffable amount of calamity. As products of a local low income zip code, Terrinee and her sister Mia’s journey involved a lot of tumultuous twist and turns, they each achieved remarkable success thanks to their parent’s intuitiveness, ingenuity and courage in spite of addiction to crack cocaine. In her book, Terrinee shares her own truth and pays homage to her hometown, her village and extended family. She narrowed her core four influencers to her parents and sister whose unconditional love took her from the Blodgett Homes to the bench as a Judge.

Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia with her two kids, in 2012, she was appointed to the bench of the Magistrate Court of Fulton County in Atlanta, Georgia. As a Magistrate Judge, she participated in several programs related to educating the youth and public about the judicial system. 

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