Author Pens Book Detailing the Life of a Street Numbers Kingpin

Earlier this month, Fresh Ministries hosted a private book signing for Rhonda Baker Stansberry author of the new book, “Numbers 35 & 53 The Case of The Brown Paper.”

In the book, Baker-Stansberry tells the factual story of her father, Frank Price “Chico” Baker, a numbers runner and Bolita King Pin. She gives the reader an up close and personal look at the life of her father as she travels back over fifty years.

The author details Chico’s life including his dream of becoming a catcher in major league baseball.  Once that door closed, another one opened, which led him to street life.

The story details the unimaginable wealth that Baker amassed and his obsession with women and fast cars, and a mound of legal trials and tribulations. The author says that she gives the reader an opportunity to feel Chico’s actual heartbeat as she tells this riveting tale of right, wrong, and the American justice system.

“I was a daddy’s girl from day one a bit of a spoiled brat. I did not believe that there was anything that my daddy could not do,” laughs Baker-Stansberry. “But he taught me so many things.  To Love God first, always treat people the way you wanted to be treated because everybody is somebody.”

The author is currently on a book tour and is excited to tell her story. Shown is Baker-Stansberry signing her book for guest (l-r): Brenda Boydston, Gwen Green, Toni Dion and Edye McCown

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