ASALH President Issues a Call for a National Membership Campaign

Washington, D.C.—Dr. W. Marvin Dulaney, President of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (“ASALH”), is announcing a National Membership Campaign to attract new members to the nation’s oldest African American history association. The Association seeks to attract new members to join its campaign to promote and support the teaching of Black History in the nation’s public schools and colleges in order to counter the “anti-woke” legislation that eighteen state legislatures have passed.


According to Dr. Dulaney: ”we need more members in order to increase our capacity to fight the biggest challenge to the teaching of our history since the 1960s.” ASALH’s mission is “to promote, research, interpret and disseminate information about Black life, history and culture to a global community.” Its mission is a direct contradiction and challenge to the “anti-woke” campaign supported and promoted by many of the nation’s lawmakers and conservatives.

Founded in 1915, by the eminent African American historian Carter G. Woodson, ASALH is the founder of Black History Month and each year it announces the theme for the celebration of African American History by the nation’s schools and colleges, businesses, and government agencies. This year’s theme is “Black Resistance” and it is very appropriate for ASALH’s challenge to the “anti-woke” campaign in states such as Florida, Alabama and Texas. In support of the celebration of Black History, each year ASALH publishes the Black History Bulletin and Black History kits to provide teachers resources and curricula material to teach African American history.

ASALH not only welcomes new members to join its fight against the attempt to restrict the teaching of Black History, it also provides them access to its journal and a reduction in the cost of registration to its annual conference. ASALH publishes the Journal of African American History (JAAH), the premier journal in the field of African American history. New members can access the JAAH online or receive copies of each issue in the mail. ASALH also offers its members reduced registration to its annual academic conference where they can attend sessions, meet people from all across the country, and learn the latest scholarship on the African American experience.

Persons interested in joining ASALH can access information about the various levels of membership on its website at and click on JOIN ASALH.

For more information on ASALH memberships call: 202-238-5910.

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