Armed Forces Inspire Job Corps to Military Careers

Guest presenters includedVeronica Tutt (retired Master Chief E-9), Vathrice Hartwell (retired US Navy-Captain) and Jacqueline Moise (recently retired Senior Chief E-8).

The Jacksonville Job Corps Center, currently serving 250 students at their center, has been focusing has been on college and military enrollment throughout August. As a result of a partnership with EWC and FSCJ, five students will begin college on August 24th.

Additionally, the center has a continuous flow of students seeking entrance into the military. Students are able to take the ASVAB at the center to determine their basic eligibility and follow next steps for gaining entrance. In order to bring attention to the vast amount of opportunities for women in the military the center recently hosted three retired military females to share their stories and success with students.

While sharing their journeys the ladies also reminded the students that their success is a result of hard work, commitment and dedication to their careers. They encouraged the students to follow their dreams and not be afraid of hard work. Ms. Moise told the students to be selective about the people they surround themselves with and if they should fall down along the way simply get up and start over again.

The center kicked off its College Prep Program in April 2016 which introduces students to getting into and succeeding in college. The Workforce Investment Opportunity Act addresses the need for students who participate in federal job Training Programs with the skills to participate successfully in a knowledge based economy.

Jacksonville Job Corps center trains about 425 students per year. The young men and women study to become: carpenters, electricians, certified nurse assistants, office administrators, pharmacy, Computer and HVAC technicians and other professionals.

The Jacksonville Job Corps Center is currently accepting applications for enrollment. If interested please call 904-647-2441 or visit

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