Are We Worthy of the Right to Call it “Our Black History?”

Bobby Henry Sr.

A Message From The Publisher – By Bobby Henry, Sr. (Source: I answered, “We are servants of the God who rules from heaven, and he will make our work succeed. So we will start rebuilding Jerusalem, but you have no right to any of its property, because you have had no part in its history.” Nehemiah 2:20 (CEV)

To be able to survive in the newspaper business, you must have advertising and the support of readers who believe it is important that “Our Black History” (OBH)is recorded in truth and in its entirety by those who are affected, infected and protected by the ink on its pages.

To be recorders of OBH is a constant demand for vigilant soldiers who stand at the ready to be thrust into making history at the expense of losing everything.

If there is one item that I would like to place on the hearts of the readers of this column for this and the coming years, it is that Black newspapers have always had the right to call it OBH, because we have through personal sacrifices and death, but we will not be able to continue if you do not hold those you spend your money with accountable to respecting your Black media (Your History Keepers).

Yet there are those whose pens are filled with invisible ink, recording them that stand on the sidelines hiding in obscurity, acting out in make believe, while chanting impressive slogans of OBH; these two types are one and the same. Both are of great evil.

“For there is a man whose labor is with wisdom, knowledge, and skill; yet he must leave his heritage to a man who has not labored for it. This also is vanity and a great evil.” Ecclesiastes 2:21 (NKJV)

One becomes more worthy of a vocation when they have toiled and struggled in the causes and in its beliefs while going through some of the sufferings.

As a recorder and subject of OBH, it is most reassuring and comforting when the job description of our profession is noted in the Bible. Not that we don’t get any recognition or accolades from our readers and supporters, and not that we expected it. It’s just a confirmation and reassurance when it appears in the BOOK of all times.

The expressions used along with the analogies are so fitting while they apply to the whole truth and nothing but truth.

“And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’” Romans 10:15 (NIV)

We can only imagine the look of one’s feet who traveled many miles in sandals or bare feet, as he or she crossed rugged roads bringing the “Good News”. Their feet were only beautiful because of the message they brought, in our case, because of our recording and printing the good news of OBH.

There are those who opposed the truth of OBH being recorded and there are them who despised being associated with OBH. And what about those who don’t know and are faking it, yet they are receiving benefit from their clandestine association? This is where confusion and dissimulation is manifested.

Perhaps death to OBH begins where the confusion enters and assimilation is forced. Only when there is no faith and the belief of the One who created and began it all, that which is His-story.

So no weapon that is used against you will defeat you.  You will show that those who speak against you are wrong. These are the good things my servants receive. Their victory comes from me,” says the Lord.. Isaiah 54:17 (ICB)

We have, by our own free will and accord, chosen to position ourselves on either side of our own Black History. Be aware of your choice and the rights you have based upon that choice.

Our history is a great one and it is still unfolding right before our eyes. The bounty and greatness thereof is yet to be seen; let us not therefore ruin it any more than we already have.

I brought you here to my land, where food is abundant, but you made my land filthy with your sins.” Jeremiah 2:7 (CEV)

“This is my Black History, not to be sold or untold; it is the essence of my being because it is the accumulation of long lost souls. This is my Black History, not to be untold and definitely not to be sold!” — Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

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