The Black community remains in the throes of what seems to be a breakdown of civility. As mentioned in previous editorials, there is dissension seemingly everywhere, and a lot of people are being pulled into the skirmish.

This has been going on for quite some time, and a few of the people coming under fire include Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Jamie Foxx, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, Aries Spears, Tiffany Haddish, Jay-Z and Beyoncé. The current center of attention, P. Diddy, (Sean Combs) and his son, Christian Combs, are included in a lawsuit charging them with sexual assault.

There are those who are instigating chaos by “exposing” individuals accused of being agents manipulating the Black community. People like comedian Katt Williams, rapper-turned-businessman 50 Cent, and comedienne Monique are among those accusing others of being manipulators and gatekeepers adversely influencing Black Hollywood.

They are accusing certain entertainment giants of linking up with others “higher up” in the pecking order and of carrying out their wishes. Ironically, Oprah Winfrey is being pegged as a ringleader and Tyler Perry as her puppet in the Black community.

These accusations and internal squabbles among Blacks in American entertainment are so ubiquitous that a growing number of them are beginning to blame a hidden influence on an even higher level than the individuals previously mentioned.

Basically, either through direct inferences or calling actual names, they are said to be selling out the Black community through “sacrificing” various and sundry people in order to make themselves successful.

Beyoncé is being accused of using witchcraft to keep other females subordinate to her. Other folks are being accused of all types of heinous crimes, from pedophilia to murder, in order to boost their careers.

Because of the growing chaos generated that threatens to derail Black success in the entertainment field, some people have decided there really might be a hidden hand at work, and this hidden hand is increasingly being identified as the “Illuminati.”
Just what is this Illuminati?

Actually, there IS, or was, a group known by that name. The Illuminati (Bavarian Illuminati – the “enlightened”) was founded by German philosopher (Johann) Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776 in Bavaria. The group was made up of influential intellectuals for the purpose of liberating people from religious bondage and to foster rationalism. German writer Johann Goethe was a member, along with other luminaries.

Today, several other groups have adopted that name; it is questionable as to whether the original group still exists. And if various rappers and other African American members of popular culture are connected with an “Illuminati,” it’s almost certain they are not part of the original group, even if it still exists.

The bottom line is this: Black people have long been influenced by others to exhibit self-hating, divisive behavior. An Illuminati is not needed for this. From the time that Blacks were snatched from the shores of Africa and brought to America to provide years of free labor, they have dealt with adversity generated by the powers that be.

To ensure success, slaveowners used the divide-and-conquer strategy to generate and control toxic behavior in the Black community. It has carried over to the current day. For example, recently a Black male said that it was a good thing that Beyoncé’s mom is white (she isn’t) because she produced “mixed children” who are better than pure Black ones!

A new documentary revealed that computer mogul Mark Zuckerberg is building a giant underground bunker. This has sent a message of fear to many, who are concerned he might know about some type of impending catastrophe. If there are hard times on the horizon, an Illuminati, if it exists, will be in dire straits, as will everyone else. Because of this, the negative, self-hating behavior among Black people needs to change, and quickly. We must grow up and stop the divisive madness! Aluta Continua.

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