Sankofa Free Summer Camp Teaches Urban Youth Culture, Life Skills

Shown in the photo is Jarod Masters providing a lesson on oil changes to the young participants.

Sankofa Saturdays, a free program housed at Clanzel Brown Park, recently completed its first round of Saturday presentations for students ranging from 6-17. Held weekly from 7-10 p.m., Sankofa Saturdays is a partnership with The City of Jacksonville through their Saturday Night Lights Program.

Under the direction of the local cultural nonprofit Kemetic Empire, participating students learn from local youth advocates that have committed themselves to creating change in the community. Some of the activities include “The Human Ankh”, Emperors/Empress Chess club, and conversations with our daughters, learning to sew, changing tires and more. The program will run through August 8th.

Volunteers are requesting books and school supplies for the upcoming school year. For more information and/or to participate call 706-284-9808.

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