AME Preacher Teaches and Preaches Fitness for the Mind Body & Soul At Historic Mount Zion

Historic Mt. Zion presented its first Fitness Day with Coach Oneil Brown eminently known as the “Fitness Preacher” this past Saturday, July 18th. Coach Brown and his team of Fitness Warriors reside in Tallahassee, Florida and trekked to Jacksonville to assist in Historic Mt. Zion’s exercise initiatives. Coach Brown’s Boot Camp exercise programs are tailored for all body types. He also educates the community on how to choose the most nutritious foods to aid in body maintenance and mental health.   Coach Brown is an independent trainer and builds his business of health and wellness using Biblical scriptures as a foundation of fruitful conditioning and living principles. Coach Brown’s sessions are open to the public and Historic Mt. Zion is slated soon for another visit.  Church members felt they were were truly blessed to experience Coach Brown’s electrically charged workouts and inspirational anecdotes of various motivating testimonies. Pastor Pearce Ewing Sr. expressed his excitement concerning Historic Mt. Zion members desire to become physically and spiritually enriched, and vowed to continue to encourage members incited vigor towards living better through an earthly mind, body and soul workout.

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