Allegiant Air Celebrates Hispanic Month

LAS VEGAS. Sep. 20, 2023 – As part of Allegiant Travel Company’s (NASDAQ: ALGT) month-long celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the airline proudly highlights pilots who inspire and help others to pursue their dreams. One of Allegiant’s core values is advancing diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, where everyone is valued, treated with dignity and respect, and empowered to do their best work.

“It’s just very important that people who have dreams in whatever diversity or culture they are in, they pursue them, especially in this era where there’s a need for pilots,” said Allegiant Captain Jesus Campuzano. “You don’t typically see the same thing twice… Just being able to do my dream every day, it’s amazing.”

Campuzano began loving airplanes at an early age, but his determination to become a pilot solidified at age 17 after attending an aviation expo with his parents. He also works as an Airbus instructor at Allegiant’s Las Vegas training center, helping others achieve their dreams.

“It’s really great because I was mentored when I was young. It was so important because that path guided me to where I am today. It’s great to hear other students when they come back after they’re done with their training and saying how they’ve learned, how much they enjoyed the process.”

To ensure opportunities are available to all members of society, the airline has focused on boosting its diverse talent pools through various recruitment pathways. Allegiant’s talent acquisition team is dedicated to attracting a more diverse workforce, attending several recruitment events nationally, including one hosted by the Latino Pilots Association later this month. Additionally, at the leadership level, the company’s Diversity and Inclusion Council ensures that all team members have a voice.

Allegiant recognizes that workforce diversity is better for aviation and humanity as a whole and provides high-paying opportunities to underrepresented populations. This field has historically been predominantly white, with Latino/Hispanic pilots making up only a small percentage of the industry’s workforce.

“The aviation industry is booming right now, and so this is the time to go out and pursue those dreams in aviation,” said Campuzano.

As travel demand continues to skyrocket, the need for pilots has never been higher. The entire aviation industry is grappling with a global pilot shortage, making it critical to tap into every talent pool.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an annual shortfall of about 17,000 pilots. By 2032, North American airlines could face a shortage of nearly 30,000 pilots, according to consulting firm Oliver Wyman.

Additionally, almost half of all U.S. airline pilots are 50 or older and are mandated by the FAA to retire at age 65.

As part of its plan to combat the national pilot shortage, Allegiant launched three pathway programs to recruit, hire, and train pilots. The AccelerateAltitude and Military Pilot Pathways are designed to help pilot students overcome barriers they may be up against while training. The airline hopes these programs will streamline the process new pilots face when transitioning from flight school to a major commercial carrier.

“The reason why I came to Allegiant eight years ago was to be at home. I was at a regional, and I was gone a lot. I was commuting. I heard that Allegiant was an airline that you were able to be home every night, so that kind of pushed me to come here as well as just being based in Vegas, since I’m a local from Vegas,” said Campuzano.

Additionally, Allegiant has recently partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America on a national initiative to inspire more diverse kids to pursue future careers in aviation. Allegiant pledged $1 million to help fund academic initiatives and develop programming that will give kids and teens in select cities an exciting glimpse into the various STEM-related aviation career paths. The partnership launched at a local Club in Las Vegas and will expand over the next two years to at least seven other cities Allegiant serves. By connecting children to fulfilling aviation careers, Allegiant hopes to inspire kids to dream big while helping build the necessary workforce of tomorrow. A report from the University of California at San Diego concludes that “students are more likely to pursue STEM majors at universities and colleges if introduced to those topics in grade school.”

Allegiant has been recognized by Newsweek as one of America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity 2023 and Greatest Workplaces for Women 2023 for fostering a culture of inclusivity and advancements in diversity. Allegiant has also been awarded as one of Forbes’ America’s Best Midsize Employers 2023.


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