Agencies and Experts Join Forces to Strengthen Mental Health

Shown is Dr. Selena Bass and therapist Merland Baker
Shown is M.I.N.D. Host Lynn Jones-Turpin interviewing I’m a Star Foundation students about their mental health tool-kits.

Author and mental health advocate Dr. Selena Bass used her personal trauma of losing a child to enlighten the virtual audience of the Mindful Intervention Natural Development (M.I.N.D.) program. Joined by therapist Merland Baker, the two experts enlightened everyone on everything from recognizing grief and suicide prevention to motivation to building a new life.  “Almost 85% of my clients feel that just being able to tell their trauma is a start to their mental health and suicide recovery journey,” said Baker.

The program also included television program interviews with I’m a Star Foundation, Step-by-Step Foundation and social services advocates who benefited from the collaborative grant featuring local agencies and experts designed to eradicate suicidal thoughts in adolescent, teenagers and adults.

Shown is Lequita Brooks – Social Work Consultant – TherapyTopia, Educator/ Founder I’m a Star Foundation Betty Burney with IASF students

The grant was created and awarded to increase inner motivation, meditation, generational behavioral discussions through forward thinking, action versus reaction and the emotional, psychological, and social well-being advocacy that can elevate how we think, feel, and act.

M.I.N.D. Host Lynn Jones-Turpin interviewing Desiree Jones, CEO/Founder President, Step-by-Step 4 Help Foundation


*Grant awarded by Lutheran Services of Florida (LSF) Health Systems. LSF’s goal is to increase mental health awareness and identify treatment needs of children and adults facing mental health challenges or substance use disorders in the 23-county region of Northeast and North Central Florida.  To take suicide off the table and know that it’s not a bad life, but a bad day call LSF’s 24/7 access to care line at (877) 229-9098.
*Partners & 



Expert Participants:

  • Desiree Jones| Chief Executive Officer of Step-by-Step Behavioral Health, Founder/President of Step-by-Step 4 Help Foundation
  • Lequita Brooks – Social Work Consultant – TherapyTopia
  • I’m A S.T.A.R. (Smart, Talented And Resilient) Foundation Students
  • Selena Webster-Bass, author, founder/CEO and Health Advocate for The Partnership for Child Health and Voices Institute
  • Merland T. Baker / Therapist, MTB Therapist, LLC

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