African-American Brain Brawl Carries on the Legacy by Honoring Trustees

Shown above at the celebration are honoree Michael Stewart, Sharon Coon and honoree Judge Pauline Drake.

Last week, the volunteers of the James Lee Coon, Jr. African American History Brain Brawl were honored for their service over the past year. Attendees and honorees were awarded plaques for the time and effort it takes to host the Brawl which encourages the knowledge of African-American history amongst youth. Mrs. Sharon Coon, mother of the late James Lee Coon, Jr., the event’s namesake, gave individual thanks and appreciation to each attendee and those that were absent.

Special honorees, Michael Stewart and Judge Pauline Davis were awarded Legacy Awards for their dedication and service to the brawl. The Brain Brawl is an annual competition among elementary, middle and high school students from schools and local churches.

The Brain Brawl event honors the memory of James Coon Jr., a Jacksonville native who was carjacked, kidnapped, robbed and killed in 1995 when he was a sophomore at the University of North Florida. When Coon was 15 years old he established the African American Brain Brawl Academic Competition in Duval County as a way to bring a positive light to the black community.

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