Actor Ben Vereen Accused of Bigamy, Reportedly Spent 36 Years Married to Two Women

Ben Vereen

Ben Vereen has allegedly been married to two women for 36 years, and a judge is now urging him to settle his dispute with his first wife outside of court.

56 years ago, Vereen married his first wife, Andrea, and the two separated shortly after their marriage. Andrea believed that the two of them had been divorced for years, until she went to collect on her Social Security, according to her lawyer, Harold Mayerson.

“Mr. Vereen told her years ago they were divorced,” Mayerson explained. “But when she applied for Social Security, she found out that not only are they not divorced, but that some other woman is collecting under his name.”

After Andrea discovered that she was not divorced, Mayerson contacted Vereen. “We were negotiating with them, and they really didn’t want to give much of anything,” he said. “And then they, inexplicably in my opinion, filed this lawsuit [for divorce].”

Although Mayerson feels Andrea has a good chance in a trial, he also hopes that the two can settle things outside of the courtroom.

“We’re hopeful there will be a settlement before we go to trial and that Mr. Vereen will come to his good senses and get this settled and have a great twilight to his career.”

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