904Ward Educating a New Generation of Duval Students on the Horrors of the Past

Shown are the Duval students at the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama.
Recently, 904WARD took 24 high school and middle school students for a visit to the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, AL.  The renowned memorial is a national memorial to commemorate the black victims of lynching in the United States. It is intended to focus on and acknowledged past racial terrorism and advocate for social justice in America.
The bus trip, included students of diverse racial backgrounds from across the city.   Students were recommended to attended the field trip by their schools.  The Jacksonville Community Remembrance Project, a program of 904WARD, sponsors bus trips to the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and the Legacy Museum as a part of thier work.
“The impact for the trip for me was self-awareness and empowerment.  I was able to really connect with the atrocities that my people endured on a personal level.  I really felt it,” said student Kyra Jones.
This was not the organizations first trip; however, this was the first trip where students were able to take part in the discussion and visualization of the Museum.
904WARD is a local nonprofit committed to ending racism so that everyone thrives.  As a part of their work, they provide soil collection ceremonies and install historical markers to honor the victims of racial terror lynching’s in Jacksonville.  In addition, 904ward wants to educate the community on the traumatic impact of racial terror of lynching’s across the country, using this knowledge to help heal racial wounds and bring communities together. Shown are the students inside the museum or on the steps of the Museum.

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