College Students vs. Pandemic

By Jasmine Butler – College students vs. Pandemic – It is no secret that the Coronavirus has brought challenges to not only to workers across the world, but, for campus life as we know it. College students are experiencing abrupt change as we face a global pandemic taking the world by storm.

After being told not to return to campus after spring break, scheduled to end on March 23rd, many students question their next steps. With internships, summer jobs, and income at a halt, students pose the question, “What’s next?”

Carrington Johnson, a rising senior biology student at Florida State University, speaks about her cancelled internship this summer.

“It was dissapointing to find out my internship was cancelled because when you are passionate about something and look forward to it, it can be discouraging to not be able to follow through with it. I just wonder what is in store for my future,” Johnson said.

Due to the immediate changes put in place because of the Coronavirus, students were instructed by their Universities to finish classes online. As of now, summer classes will also be remote. Platforms such as Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, Canvas, and Google Hangouts are being used for instruction and classroom meetings.

Journey Butler, a student at Florida State College at Jacksonville, testifies to her experience about taking her classes online.

“Taking Chemistry online was definitely harder for me this semester. I am a face-to-face learner so not having immediate contact with my professor was challenging. I struggled with the tests being that study groups weren’t readily available. Not being able to find a reliable tutor made it even harder to understand the material,” Butler said.

College professors also experienced challenges with keeping most of their students engaged and active being that they were no longer in their normal learning environments.

Markeishya Freeman, a film studies professor at Edward Waters College, noticed a decrease in the performance of her students after they left campus. But, she found ways to ensure that her students ended the semester on a good note.

“I made sure they had my personal cell phone number. This allowed them to call or text me anytime they needed. I kept up with them on social media to make sure they were turning in their work and connected with them through our platform Moodle and via email.”

Apart from school, students say they are also facing challenges in their everyday lives. This includes finances, adjusting to the big move back home, and finding great ways to use their time.

Dynasty Davis, a first year pre-nursing student at Florida State University, tells about her new hobbies that she discovered during her time at home in Jacksonville.

“I’ve tapped into my artistic side with watercolor painting. It’s showing me a different part of myself that I never knew I had. It has become very therapeutic and it takes my mind off of the stress that comes with being home all day,” Davis explained.

Although this worldwide pandemic hit hard, college students are adjusting and preparing for the questionable road ahead.

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