Entrepreneur Launches Crazy Coffee Shop

Ed Bartley is no stranger to being an entrepreneur. Having a successful trucking business for over 11 years he has a niche for exciting new business ventures.  In January 2016 he was introduced to Alicia Webber, someone with a passion for coffee and in the industry for 10 years. After careful consideration and research he decided to embark in owning a coffee shop and offered Alicia the opportunity to become a partner in the business. Being a resident of Fleming Island he saw the need for a local coffee shop where people could call home. And that’s where they decided to launch Crazy Beans Coffee. A variety of flavored coffee, specialty and signature drinks, gluten free pastures, deli style sandwiches and more! Come be a part of the Crazy Beans Coffee family located at County 1545 county road 220, Fleming Island, Florida or visit www.Crazybeanscoffee.com.

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