Rush Card Settle Lawsuit for $20 Million

May 17, 2016 Staff 0
by Ann Bucher The makers of the RushCard have reportedly agreed to settle a class action lawsuit filed over a botched upgrade of the pre-paid debit card that allegedly left RushCard holders without access to their […]

E3 Raising the Bar for Local Entrepreneurs

April 14, 2016 admin 0
Quietly in a nondescript location settled within a long ignored section of Northwest Jacksonville, a group of aspiring entrepreneurs made history, as the first class of students to complete Business Plan Boot Camp. Entrepreneurs spent […]

How To Be Your Own Economic Quarterback

March 25, 2016 Staff 0
  After a lifetime of earning and saving, one might expect a comfortable and financially secure retirement, especially with a reliable financial advisor – right? “Life is rarely that simple or black-and-white and, unfortunately, neither […]
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