Youth Group Empowered to Directly Make Change in Schools and Community

Brandon Griggs recently graduated from the Steve Harvey Disney Dreamers Academy. At the academy,  the young adults called “Dreamers” are motivated to dream big and return to their communities to be the change they want to see.

Since his return last month, Griggs has been doing just that as the founder of Hear the Youth, a nonprofit that allows students to have a voice and a seat at the table when it come to important decisions related to them.  The young man recently organized a meeting with Duval County Public schools superintendent Dr. Diane Greene to discuss contentious topics like healthier school lunches and the school to prison pipeline.

The student attendees represented a diverse group from Robert E. Lee High School, including a Muslin and Caribbean American,  However, they all share one common characteristic to create change and ensure schools accommodate local youth, particularly those from underprivileged or minority backgrounds.  Brandon remarked, “Who better to discuss the issue with than the person with the power to make change happen – Dr. Green can make change happen.”

From the meeting with the Superintendent, the teens are scheduled to discuss school lunch quality with Chartwells, the company that manages Duval County school lunches. To find out more about Hear the Youth and their mission

Shown (l-r) Brandon Griggs, Kevonte Brown, Shaquoria Jackson, Patrick wells, Duval County Public School Superintendent Dr. Diane Green, James McCullough and Janet Chapmen.

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