Youngster Takes to Meditation to Calm Covid-19 Anxiety

Shown is the young man in his meditation position
Shown is the young man in his meditation position

The Highsmith clan made Coronavirus testing a family affair at the Legends Center, braving record temperatures to ensure their family was healthy.

Lashun Sr., five year old Lashun Highsmith Jr. and wife Laquanda were taking all of the necessary precautions, waiting in line for two hours. In an effort to cope with the savage heat, Lashun Jr. created his own seating on one of the stomps and immediately started to display his meditation and relaxation skills, taught to him to use to remain calm in stressful situations.  The son of a a Mental Health Therapist, he had previously witnessed his mother teaching meditation skills.
“When he saw me in therapy, he asked questions regarding the measures of doing them, so I taught him that meditation and relaxation helps to avoid disturbances emotionally, behaviorally and physically,” said Mrs. Laquanda Highsmith.  “He also came home one day and shared that his teacher was using this method for calm classrooms.”  Junior informed his mother that he and his classmates  were also advised to use the techniques as coping mechanism at their homes and in class to stay calm so that they do not get into trouble. The proud mother also shared a time when he helped her with his own skills when he witnessed a store clerk becoming verbally aggressive to his mother. He stepped in and said out loud, “Mom breath, breath.”
Young Lashun said he looks forward to utilizing and learning more tactics in the future so as to not end up in a violent situation.

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