Workshops Focus on Youth Seeking Non Collegiate Careers

By Lynn Jones – Krumpin 4 Success, Inc.  joined other community stakeholders to facilitate a Career Trade Week at Charles Boobie Clark Community Center near Soutel Road as an alternative to college. More than fifty youth were in attendance to gain insight into the cosmetology business.  Marlin Spence of Sophisticated Menz and Womenz Beauty Salon facilitated the Barber Workshop and Holly Hudson, Owner of Nailtingz facilitated the Nail Tech Workshop.

Students were eager to learn cosmetology techniques and the study and the application of beauty treatments. The barbershop dialogue exposed the business of cutting and dressing hair, shaving and trimming beards, and performing related services that do not require any professional degree. Students were surprised to learn that the cosmetology profession only requires an age limit not less than 16.

The Cosmetology workshop program was the first to introduce a career pathway that does not include a college degree for the youth.

The program was launched June 1st with future virtual workshops planned in alignment with Covid guidelines.

“God saw fit to bring our organizations together with one program to regain our community safety back so that our kids will have the opportunity to enjoy life at a different level on a positive note,” said PVO Founder/CEO Ronald Brice. Shown are students attending the workshop.


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