VyStar’s Name in Lights Transforming Downtown Banking, Expansion and Not Forgetting Its Your Money

Brian Wolfburg, VyStar President/CEO

VyStar Credit Union is on a fast track to revive Jacksonville’s downtown skyline with securing their name in lights atop the former SunTrust building. From their home on Blanding Blvd to downtown Jax, August 2019 will premier the VyStar Towers illumination on the St. Johns Northbank. VyStar’s downtown investment currently includes their name in lights atop the former Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Stadium, now named VyStar Memorials Arena. Through the years, the credit unions focus was on military veterans, now the banking institution is a landmark for business owners, entrepreneurs, seniors and the community.

For over sixty years, VyStar can boast that membership is increasing and the need for growth is imminent. VyStar’s community based banking has seen significant growth, with approval for expansion in Georgia. VyStar’s goal is to continue to create opportunities for growth inside and outside of regular branch locations, and to continue highlighting their mantra which states, “We never let you forget that it’s your money”.

Fast forward to current VyStar President/CEO Brian Wolfburg.  Wolfburg grew up in Buffalo, New York where the average winter temperature is thirty-five degrees during the day with tons of snow on the ground. Young Brian Wolfburg was ready to claim his destiny. As a young budding entrepreneur Wolfburg delivered newspapers, yard work/landscaping business and mini lemonade stands with locations set up throughout the city! Capitalizing on his entrepreneurial business skill acumen, Wolfburg graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of New York at Buffalo; MBA, New York University Stern School of Management and began working in the banking industry with stints at Merril Lynch, International Banking in Hong Kong, and eight years on the West Coast.  His background consists of investment banking; turning around under-performing banks – from Chicago to Dallas, Wolfburg has honed his banking skills for progression to the next level of banking.

Recruitment landed Wolfburg in Jacksonville for the position of CEO of VyStar Credit Union. With a growing diverse family, Wolfburg was ready for some first coast sun and sand.  Expounding on expansion, Wolfburg reiterated that diversity and community is first on VyStar’s ‘to do’ list.  “Jacksonville has a great history and opportunities to interact. With our mixed families we wanted variety and to see the love in our son for growth and development,” said Wolfburg.  He added, “VyStar is very adamant on inviting the community to become members and for 67 years we’ve delivered better service. With our approval for expansion and expertise with community banking and investing, VyStar will continue to create opportunities for higher rates and lower banking fees,” said Wolfburg. For more on VySta’rs banking locations and more info visit www.vystar.com.


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