Volunteers Distribute Fruits and Vegetables to Food Desert Residents

By Lynn Jones – The Circle of Caring is making their way through city streets with fresh food deliveries to seniors, homeless and the sick and shut in that reside in the urban core zip codes.
Founder, Andrea Bryant and her volunteer team have found a new niche of canning fruits and vegetables. Recently, the team canned 84 jars of yams, fruits and jams to giveaway to the community.  The team grows fruits and vegetable at their garden at the St. John’s Lutheran Church on Silver Street.
“Fresh produce has vitamins to boost your metabolism to fight cancer, increase HDL, lower blood pressure and other ailments.  With the pandemic and people afraid to go outside, we still have to eat healthy and get our vitamin D in the sun,” said Bryant. The Circle of Caring volunteers receive their funding and donations from various local donors offering food and perishables items for distribution. Rounding out the circle is the team’s pastry division where chefs bake organic pastries with all natural gluten free ingredients and vegan handcrafted popcorn.
“With the upcoming hurricane season, power outages can be a problem, Bryant added, “Another reason the canning is such a hit is that seniors may get sick, have power outages and the canned goods can be eaten right out of the jars.”  Circle of Caring is a nonprofit agency and is the first in Duval County to provide preserves as an outreach method.  Shown in the photo is Caring Circle Outreach Co-Founder Ashante Green showcasing the fresh strawberries ready for canning.

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