Visionaries Create Vision Boards for 2016 Goal Setting Success

On January 2, 2016 Visionary and Business Strategist Angela Mealer partnered with Life Coach and Event Planner Pam James to host Jacksonville’s Best Vision Board Party!

The event was a rendition of the traditional goal-setting event but the ladies served it up with a twist; this party came complete with life coaching and business coaching from the hosts who are experts in their respective fields. Each registrant also received a free copy of Angela Mealer’s soon-to-be-released publication “20/20 Vision For Your Life.” Jacksonville’s Best Vision Board Party boasted more than 40 attendees at The Peak Meeting Center on San Jose Boulevard.

Angela and Pamela hope to duplicate this event throughout the City of Jacksonville to help its residents reach their full potential in 2016 and beyond.

Pictured are attendees holding their 2016 vision boards.

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