Vision Board Brunch Manifest 2021 Dreams

Shown are visionaries creating their boards.
Visionary Nicole Willie with Hostess/Organizer Kayla Mill

By Lynn JonesTurpin – The year 2020 was one of the most strife filled years ever overflowing with issues concerning social justice, politics, health issues and a barrage of conspiracy theories.  To expire Jaxons of all ages for 2021, Kayla Mill Boutique held their 3rd annual Vision Board brunch at their boutique located in the Murray Hill district.

According to, a vision board is defined as “a collage of pictures, text, and other items that represent and affirm one’s dreams and ambitions, created to help visualize and focus on one or more specific aspirations.” in alignment with the vision board definition, this year’s theme was “See it. Plan it. Achieve It. Faith It.”  The pre-registered event was filled to capacity with more than forty visionaries ready to create their 2021 vision board.  Registrants received a free 16×20 canvas, supplies, food, drinks and entertainment to motivate their palates and minds to construct a board that details their vision and next steps for the year. Hostess Kayla Mill instructed the participants to create a board that motivated them to be their own hero, manifest their dreams, have confidence, never settle, be brave, happy and unstoppable.

“With an unstoppable mantra, you can achieve success and make your dreams come true. I’ve manifested many goals with a vision board,” said Mill.

Ending the day was conversation on the nation’s recent activities at the capitol, personal relationships and work related issues. Attendee Lisa Gaines had to stop and hold up her hand and say, “Washington D.C., my family and my job will not stop me to be all I can be.  I am unstoppable,” said Gaines. The evening concluded with all heads bowed as participants looked at their vision boards and smiled knowing that their dreams and ambitions will and can be achieved. To the left shown is visionary Nicole Willie holding her board with hostess/organizer Kayla Mill.

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