Travel Bae: ‘We’ve Created A Deeper Bond Traveling Together’

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PUBLISHED: Feb 6, 2020 3:11 PM

Harm and O’Neil have been together for 7 years after meeting their first year in college.

The pair has been inseparable ever since.  Recently, the couple started a new journey together that involves traveling.

They’ve been to three countries so far and in an interview with Travel Noire, revealed that traveling has deepened their bond.

Find out how more below:

Travel Noire: What is your favorite country so far and why?

So far our favorite country is definitely Bali, Indonesia. It’s such a beautiful island with beautiful people.

Travel Noire: What is the best part of traveling together?

It really deepens your bond. We get to experience a lot of firsts together, enjoy bonding over the over experiences. Neither one of us had traveled outside of the country before, so it was great to experience it together.

Travel Noire: Tell us about one of the most challenging times you’ve experienced during your travels and how you got through it?

Oh, man! We have had so many challenges, but I would say the most challenging time for us was when we were headed to Las Vegas for our college graduation trip with our friends. The day we were set to leave, he had a last-minute doctor’s appointment, that was supposed to end about one hour before we had to head to the airport, long story short, there was a ton of traffic and we missed our flight! I was angry with him because if we had just left about 20 minutes earlier we would have made it. We ended up arguing in the airport and that argument put a damper on the first few days of our trip, which really sucked.

Instagram | @harm_monaee

Travel Noire: What are you planning on traveling to next?

We really want to head to Africa, specifically Ghana and Morocco.

Travel Noire: What advice would you give traveling couples?

Our best advice for traveling couples would be to have patience with one another, everyone travels differently. Some people are last-minute travelers and some are super planners like me, but regardless, remember that it’s a vacation and it’s a time to unwind. Enjoy each other’s company and learn more about your partner.

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