Tiny House Living Cuts Cost, Corners Creates Space for Need Not What

The Great American Tiny House Show took over the Prime Osborn Convention Center with a display of homes for home buyers to inspect for a life of minimization. Attendees were able to tour more than 20 different types of tiny homes, including tiny houses on wheels, shipping container homes, park models, skoolies and DIY structures.  A number of professional builders, DIYers, tiny house advocates and other speakers appeared on the main staged to answer questions, provide pamphlets and cost details to interested buyers. Since 2012, the tiny-house architectural and social movement has been advocates for downsizing living spaces, simplifying, and essentially “living with less.”  “We’ve been looking into tiny houses for my autistic niece who is 16.  The family plans to place a tiny house in her backyard so she can feel independent once she turns 18” said DIYer Amy Dyson pictured right with DIYer partner Krystal Goggins.


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