These Founders Launched a Weather APP that Helps You Pick An Outfit According to the Forecast

Image via Black News

By Dana Givens – For many of us, the first thing we do when we get up in the morning is to check our phone to see news highlights and the weather. With forecasts often being unpredictable, it can make deciding what to wear for the day a little complicated. A group of Black male founders decided to take that concept one step further and create an app that allows you to style your outfit based on the weather predictions.

Snafu is the hybrid weather and clothing app designed by Warren Connley, Schapiro, and Michael Kalu that has successfully relaunched and is continuously growing in size. The app works by recommending outfits to wear that most likely already exist in your closet with suggestions for every day of the week so your fashion choices are always prepared for Mother Nature.

“Snafu changes how people get dressed for any weather condition for thousands of people in over 20 countries worldwide,” said the founders according to Black News. “We converted raw weather data into beautifully designed visuals coupled with designer and fashionable clothing brands that align outfits for any weather forecast. From casual to formal, this app displays wardrobe suggestions to our users looking for that perfect outfit.”

The app is available for download in the iOS App Store and Google Play.

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