The New Face of the Republican Party

Reginald J. Clyne, Esq.
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Now the face of the Republican Party is Ted Cruz, who leaves his constituents during a devastating winter storm to vacation in Cancun. It is Joel Greenberg, the former Seminole County tax collector accused of sex trafficking, setting up a private business in the tax collector’s office, stealing drivers’ licenses to create fake identifications and helping his friends with taxpayer money. And it is Joel’s buddy, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old and sex trafficking.
Both Gaetz and Greenberg visited Donald Trump in the White House; both are ardent Trump supporters. Gaetz’s claim to fame is that he is the lone vote against a human trafficking law. I guess he didn’t want to create more laws that would hold him accountable to his nefarious activities.

Trump famously claimed that he would go to Washington to “drain the swamp.” Well, his “cleanup” meant that his daughter and son-in-law would make $90 million while holding government appointments. It would allow him to steer business to his resorts. And it made possible the establishment of a Trump PAC that would raise $300 million from his supporters and be used as his personal piggy bank to pay down his debts.

The Republican Party has lost its soul and conscience. It is now a party that will do anything to remain in power, supports the most abhorrent human beings and seems aimed at objecting to every and any piece of legislation proposed by Democrats. This was the McConnell strategy against President Barack Obama, and he is rolling it out again to use on President Joe Biden.

The question is whether the Biden administration can change enough hearts and minds to do better in the next mid-term elections and – most importantly – increase its numbers in the Senate to 60 so that it is filibuster-proof.

Reginald J. Clyne is a Miami trial lawyer who has practiced in some of the largest law firms in the United States. Clyne has been in practice since 1987 and tries cases in both state and federal court. He has lived in Africa, Brazil, Honduras and Nicaragua.

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